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Via Montello, 5 - 73100 Lecce

“La Casa di Bibi” is a new accommodation in the City of Lecce, a fascinating tourist destination with less than hundred thousand inhabitants, which has been visited by more and more tourists during the last decades. The number of holiday accommodations has increased, but such a charming City has never too many of them. “La Casa di Bibi” is located in an apartment from the fabulous 60’s. Tales, images and visions from the past can be felt in its four rooms, accurately and differently designed, which create a harmonious sense of colours, details, combinations and contrasts. The interior is decorated with an optical wallpaper, an ancient Nordic sideboard and a piano, which live with pop colours, industrial feelings and contemporary photographs. Behind “La Casa di Bibi” there is not only the story of a family. A B&B is a reflection of its territory, offering qualities, beauties and attractions in alternative ways. In “La Casa di Bibi” you will find information and advice about how to live your holiday in Salento – addresses, promotions, proposals, specialties. We are glad to organise for you multilingual guided tours, personal shopping services, booking service to attend unforgettable cultural events. Delightful smells will come from the Breakfast Room: homemade jam, pasticciotti (typical with cream or jam filled cup-cakes), local yogurts and fresh Italian/Salentinian cheese. We have no more to tell you but to have a look on the website, on the pics, to feel the smile that is not just coming from us, but from the people, the Salentinians, the warm hospitality sense we have inherit from the Ancient Greek culture.

Kit bagno

Enjoy your winter stay in Lecce, where the winter never comes, the sky is blue all the days, and the nature donate us different colors and tastes for every season! Save one night if you book for the period from 25 November to 20 December for at least 2 days!

Please contact us on info@lacasadibibi.it or on our Facebook fanpage to win the special price of € 65,00 a couple! 


The sun over the Baroque churches and palaces revokes the Sicilian Island, while castles create visions of Normans, Anjou and Aragonese troops. If you find a Masseria on a land you will sense Spanish sounds; not far, you will find the Arabic design of Villas, which reminds you of the visit of the Arabs and Saracens, which were sometimes not that peaceful. The crystal clear water of the sea makes you feel in Greece, which is over there.. actually not that far.

History, colours, dramas, the life in the Mediterranean Sea, “finibus terrae”, a suggestive mix of sacred and profane... It is where you can see the first sunshine of the New Year.

This is Salento, a territory which has become a new brand. A very loved one, which has been able to evaluate its heritage, landscape, food, architecture, handwork, music, art, in one word: its culture.

This is why we Southern and Salentinian operators would like to share with you an experience of identity. We would like to listen to you and make you participate in our narratives. We would like to show you our professionalism, competencies and all our passion behind the creation and care of our attractions: our food, rosé wine, Taranta, visual arts, cinema, natural parks and ecosystem which are able to connect a population who follows its tracks coming from the past and going into the future.


Salento Photos: Claudio Settembrini