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“La Casa di Bibi” is close to the train station (just 200 meters/0,12 miles) and 5 min walk from the old town centre. The Old Town is a little treasure, visited by many tourists from all over the world.“La Casa di Bibi” means literally “Bibi’s Home”, because it is where you can feel home. Who is Bibi? Bibi is the pet name of the young designer, one of the three siblings owning this beautiful place. This new accommodation is in the City of Lecce, a fascinating tourist destination with less than hundred thousand inhabitants, which has been visited by more and more tourists during the last decades. The number of holiday accommodations has increased, but such a charming City has never too many of them.

The new arrival is “La Casa di Bibi” which is located in an apartment from the fabulous 60’s. It is the home where grandma taught literature to listless students and the young boy Ettore – the future father of Bibi -  hanged “No War” posters  and pictures of the Isle of Wight.

Tales, images and visions from the past can be felt in its four rooms, accurately and differently designed, which create a harmonious sense of colours, details, combinations and contrasts. The interior is decorated with an optical wallpaper, an ancient Nordic sideboard and a piano, which live with pop colours, industrial feelings and contemporary photographs.Artists and professionals have chosen “La Casa di Bibi” to exhibit their works of art. They are at your disposal for a chat or purchase. All this is absolutely made in Puglia.

Behind “La Casa di Bibi” there is not only the story of a family. A B&B is a reflection of its territory, offering qualities, beauties and attractions in alternative ways. A tourist can decide otherwise, spending his holidays in a classic hotel, with a 24 h reception service, which makes him/her feel like being in Milan. 

In “La Casa di Bibi” you will find information and advice about how to live your holiday in Salento – addresses, promotions, proposals, specialties. We are glad to organise for you multilingual guided tours, personal shopping services, booking service to attend unforgettable cultural events. Pizzica, Taranta (traditional folk music and dance), Danza delle Spade (literally “Sword dance”), typical festival illuminations, frisa (bread specialty) scapece (fish specialty), Martyrs of Otranto, Nature reserves “Pizzo” or “Cesine” and above all the Spanish Baroque under a star filled sky.

Delightful smells will come from the Breakfast Room: homemade jam, pasticciotti (typical with cream or jam filled cup-cakes), local yogurts and fresh Italian/Salentinian cheese.

We have no more to tell you but to have a look on the website, on the pics, to feel the smile that is not just coming from us, but from the people, the Salentinians, the warm hospitality sense we have inherit from the Ancient Greek culture.

Finally, we would like to say that “La Casa di Bibi” has been realized thanks to the regional initiative called “NIDI”, an important finance instrument for small companies funded by young people. This is an example of good governance, that does not happen very often, but when it happens, it must be said

 We are looking forward to meeting you!

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